Release Notes

Funnelback 15.10.0

Released : 12 April 2017

15.10.0 - New features

  • Redesigned accessibility auditor reporting interface, and new WCAG technique implementations.
  • Redesigned trend alerts reporting interface.

15.10.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Curator rule editing now supports custom structured parameters for most actions.
  • Introduced a minimum length (15 characters) when user change their password.
  • The default hashing mechanism for passwords is now BCRYPT. Existing user passwords will continue to use the legacy hashing mechanism until the password is updated via the Administration interface or accounts API.
  • Session information is now correctly stored for very long queries.
  • Added support for configuring acceptible SSL cipher suites and protocols.
  • Web crawler will no longer report 'invalid' protocols like data: and tel:.
  • Introduced standardised filters for converting CSV or JSON to XML.
  • Fixed overwriting of changed cookie values during form interaction authentication.
  • Improved URL drilldown selection within content auditor.
  • Introduced profile management interface.
  • Introduced a default timeout (50 seconds) for IncludeURL tags, avoiding blocking threads forever in some cases.
  • Fixed cases where collection update progress would not be displayed after starting an update.
  • Fixed date sorting to work correctly for past and future documents (rather than being based on proximity to current date).
  • The query processors (padre-sw) -SF option now accepts regex.
  • The version of Jsoup included has been upgraded to 1.10.2.
  • Log files are no longer created when collections which do not exist for the current Funnelback installation are requested.

15.10.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • Due to the improved password hashing mechanism, HTTP Basic Authentication for APIs is considerably slower than in previous versions. If performance is a concern, API users are advised to switch to token-based authentication.
  • The sessions database schema has changed to allow for longer queries. The inbuilt session databases will be automatically upgraded, however if you are using a external database for sessions you will need to run update-session-db.groovy with the appropriate driver and url.
  • Due to the new IncludeURL default timeout, IncludeURL calls expected to take longer then 50 seconds should manually set a higher timeout.

15.10.0 - Notice

  • Please be aware that 15.10 is the last version of Funnelback which will support running on Windows Server 2008.

Funnelback 15.8.0

Released : 16 December 2016

15.8.0 - New features

  • Introduced a redesigned facet editing interface.

15.8.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Introduced support for HP RM 8.2+
  • Introduced query-gscopes.cfg configuration file allowing gscopes to be set based on a query (without the need for facets).
  • Removed legacy 'htpasswd' files and associated scripts. This fixes an issue where password resets could be overwritten by subsequent user password changes.
  • Improved the compatibility of component collections in meta collections. Padre indexes are no longer made incompatible by varying gscopes, number of metadata classes or the type of metadata classes.
  • Padre recency ranking feature is now based on proximity to the current date, in general the closer the date the higher the score.
  • A new filtering framework has been introduced that is more flexible while simpler to implement.
  • Push has V2 API content calls which allow for multiple values per metadata key.
  • Push PUT document API calls are now able to take even more advantage of multiple CPUs.
  • Implemented a limit on image scaling input to prevent potential OOM situations.
  • Errors from Funnelback's search interface are now logged per collection (under web/log/ on windows and data/coll-name/log elsewhere) rather than in one shared log file.
  • Addressed a number of cross site scripting security issues.
  • Restructured product documentation, and improved the graphical design.
  • Facet template tags are now able to impose a display order on facets using orderedNames attribute.
  • Upgraded Freemarker library to 2.3.25 which provides some new template syntax - See
  • Introduced ability to compare curator configurations between live and preview.
  • Fixes/improvements to the web crawler's form interaction support.
  • Migrated the functionality of a number of mediator (bin/*.pl) Perl scripts to Java.
  • Fixes a issue where perl publish hook scripts would not be correctly called for curator and synonyms on Windows.
  • Fixed an issue with collections not displaying the correct "last update" date

15.8.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • IsolatedFilterProvider is no longer supported. If this filter is used, filtering will still occur, but will not be isolated in a separate process.
  • FileTypeMappedFilterProvider is no longer supported.
  • JPEGJavaFilter and RTFJavaFilter are no longer provided. TikaFilterProvider is covering JPEG and RTF formats.
  • LotusFilterProvider and TextCleanupFilterProvider are no longer provided.
  • AbstractFilterProvider constructor parameters have changed. Previously (String collectionName, boolean inlineFilterEnabled) is now (File searchHome, CollectionId collectionId). If classes were inheriting from AbstractFilterProvider their constructor will need to be changed accordingly.
  • Post gather filtering ( is no longer supported, all filtering must be done inline.
  • Windows now uses symlinks for live/offline views. Existing collections will have symlinks created on upgrade. The Windows user which runs scheduled updates and users which run updates from the command line will need the permission SeCreateSymbolicLinkPrivilege.
  • The JAVA_OPTS environment variable will no longer be respected by groovy commands in pre/post workflow commands.
  • Instant update delete for Filecopy collections no longer require encoding of the system URLs supplied similar to instant update add e.g. \\example\sp%20ce should be supplied as \\example\sp ace.
  • funnelback-reporting.jar has been moved from $SEARCH_HOME/bin/ to $SEARCH_HOME/lib/java/all/.
  • Image scaling is now limited to input images less than 1MB by default. Set default_image_fetcher.max_source_image_bytes to a larger value in global.cfg during upgrade if required.

Funnelback 15.6.0

Released : 27 June 2016

15.6.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Introduced Translucent Document Level Security, which allows for some information to be exposed about documents the current user is not permitted to see.
  • Renamed Funnelback's "Query Completion" feature to "Auto-complete".
  • Introduced a new Custom Servlet Filter Hook mechanism to allow for advanced pre/post filtering of search requests.
  • Fixed a bug preventing users from copying an in-live-only synonym/best-bet/curator.
  • Fixed an issue with the breadcrumb missing "tuning" link in Tuning History page.
  • Fixed bug in accessibility checker where StackOverflowErrors would be generated and stored in the log.
  • Fixed bug in accessibility reporter where checking documents with large numbers of errors would result in an OutOfMemoryError.
  • Funnelback's installer is now 64-bit, and no longer requires 32-bit compatibility libraries in order to install.
  • Crawls will now exit with a success status if they store documents (regardless of whether they are downloaded or copied-forward by incremental crawling).
  • Several design/interaction improvements and enhancements to the Admin, Documentation, SEO Auditor and Content Auditor interfaces.
  • Push collections will now accept header metadata with the prefix X-Funnelback-Push-Meta-Data- - The old prefix with underscores is still supported, but it discouraged as some proxy servers strip such headers by default.
  • Implemented ability to compare live and preview versions of curator rules.
  • Corrected handling of spaces in filenames within web resources.

15.6.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • Please note that the renaming of "Query Completion" to "Auto-complete" affects a large number of collection.cfg settings as well as csv file name and a number of other areas. Where possible, the installer will automatically rename settings, file and update the relevant setting references in ftl files. Custom workflow scripts interacting with these settings or files may need to be manually updated while upgrading Funnelback.
  • If classic-ui is installed, database collections using the classic-ui's serve-db-document links may no longer work. Cache views, ideally the modern-ui's cache, should be used to provide links for database records instead.
  • The systems for starting most gathering components have been changed - While no functionality should be affected, please be aware that the format of the update logs have been changed.
  • The modern-ui cache controller applies a stricter security model for cache copies and any collections which have a Security field enabled will not be able to serve cache copies. Previously FileCopy collections had a security field set by default, even if DLS was not enabled, and unless removed this will prevent cache copies from being accessible after upgrading.
  • When upgrading, the installer will now move leftover files from lib/java/all to lib/java/prev-timestamp. This is to prevent custom or patched .jar files (deployed in earlier versions) from interfering with the upgraded systems. Files in lib/java/prev-timestamp should be inspected and moved back into lib/java/all after the upgrade manually if they are required.

Funnelback 15.4.1

Released : 29th April 2016

15.4.1 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug preventing the collection links in the collection overview from switching the selected collection.
  • Fixed a bug preventing older versions of Internet Explorer from logging into Funnelback administration.
  • Fixed issues arising from patch jar files being left in lib/java/all after upgrade - Any unknown files will now be moved to lib/java/previous-(timestamp) during upgrade.
  • Fixed problem of search box capturing keyboard events on documentation pages.
  • Fixed an issue where Push collections in slave mode could not be switched to master (DEFAULT) mode unless master could be reached.
  • Fixes an issue where the Admin UI is unable to prepare Funnelback for upgrade.

Funnelback 15.4.0

Released : 14th April 2016

15.4.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved Modern UI logging: FreeMarker error are now logged to the Modern UI log rather than the Jetty log, and extra searches messages now contain the proper collection and profile information.
  • The classic admin UI now uses the same login page and authentication system as the marketing dashboard.
  • Funnelback now includes an output connector for ManifoldCF version 2.x, in place of including a full installation of ManifoldCF v1.x.
  • Push collections use a better algorithm for choosing which generation to merge.
  • Push multi server setups use significantly less bandwidth and less disk IO for replication.
  • Push multi server setups can now ignore redirect files on the index.
  • Push will now re-index large generations with mostly killed documents.
  • Push multi server setups now support compression and no longer require the webdav service.
  • Push supports parallel indexing.

15.4.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • Deprecated binaries have been removed from SEARCH_HOME/linbin/ (Linux) and SEARCH_HOME/wbin/ (Windows): info-zip, libxslt, modssl, nginx, openssl, xsltproc. These will need to be re-installed separately if needed.
  • Since Funnelback no longer includes an embedded Manifold CF installation, please ensure ManifoldCF is installed as described by Connecting Enterprise Repositories if it is to be used.
  • Funnelback's embedded Jetty web server no longer provides JSP support for web applications. This was only used by ManifoldCF which now needs to be installed separately.

15.4.0 Errata

  • An issue exists with the Admin UI's "Prepare Funnelback for upgrade" system menu option in 15.4.0. To work around this issue, please use the following Push API call directly

    POST /v1/upgrade/prepare

An interface to access this call directly is available within Funnelback's UI (https:// : /search/admin/api-ui/ ) under the Push API tab in the push-api-collection section.

Funnelback 15.2.0

Released : 9th March 2016

15.2.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Renamed Modern Admin UI to Administration Interface (in general) and Marketing Dashboard (for specific marketing focused functionality). Note that both are distinct from the older Classic Admin UI.
  • Curator can now be configured to examine additional URL parameters with the ui.modern.curator.query-parameter-pattern setting.
  • Synonym blending will now run on complex queries.
  • The query processor will execute queries when the query parameter is not set and the system query s is set.
  • Push will now correctly read the correct worker thread count config option from push.worker-thread-count rather than from worker-thread-count.
  • Fixed an issue where duplicate pagination within content auditor would persist even after leaving the duplicate area.
  • Improved styling of the documentation, content auditor and the administration interfaces.
  • Added support for iframe tags within best bet previews.
  • Fixed default search template to display curator driven best bets.
  • Improved html tag boundary sentence detection within content auditor's readability grade calculation.
  • Fixed result collapsing presentation for result pages after the first.

15.2.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • The Administration Interface now respects additional permissions for synonyms (sec.synonym), best bet ( and curator (sec.curator). These permissions will be granted to users with the "administrator" and "editor" roles on upgrade. These permissions grant complete access to the corresponding feature (view & modify). If custom file manager rules were previously configured in the users INI files to control specific permissions on corresponding configuration files (e.g. synonyms.cfg), the users INI file will need to be reviewed to add or remove the new permissions as needed.
  • The modernui.log used to contain logs for both the public and admin context. It is now split two separate log files modernui.Public.log and modernui.Admin.log.

Funnelback 15.0.0

Released : 22nd January 2016

15.0.0 - New features

  • Marketing Dashboard Administration Interface (originally called Modern Admin UI) providing an improved administration interface for common search service management tasks. Specific improvements include:
    • Improved reporting interface, including mapping and time based comparisons.
    • Improved editing interface for best bets, including bets bet previewing.
    • Improved editing interface for curator rules, including a number of new triggers.
    • Improved editing interface for synonyms and search tuning data sets.
    • Ability to publish individual items (such as a best bet) rather than entire configuration files.
    • Better user session management, including the ability to logout without closing the web browser.
    • Introduces a 'service' concept to separate collections purely for back-end gathering purposes from those expected to receive user queries.
  • Structured administration API covering all Administration Interface (originally called Modern Admin UI) features.
  • Content Auditor 'recommendation' reports:
    • Reading Grade scores for textual content.
    • Missing Metadata identification.
    • Duplicate Title identification.
    • Date Modification reporting.
    • Response Time reporting.
    • Undesirable Text identification.
    • Duplicate Content identification.
  • Push collections now support replicating their indexes to remote query processor servers.
  • Custom filters can now be implemented to receive a parsed HTML DOM model rather than raw bytes/characters using the JSoup Filter interface.
  • TRIMPush collections now support HP Records Manager v8 (formerly TRIM). TRIM v7 is still supported, but previous versions (v6.2, v6.0, v5) are not.
  • Form interaction now supports multiple 'in-crawl' rules, and the form action targets may be defined by regular expressions.

15.0.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Funnelback now supports running the public search interface over HTTPS by default - Simply configure the desired HTTPS port during installation.
  • Introduced a new curator trigger which can perform a range of string and numeric comparisons on an arbitrary URL parameter.
  • Introduced a new curator trigger which can trigger when specific facet categories are selected.
  • Introduced numeric comparisons for curator segment triggers.
  • Upgraded API/library versions for several social media sources.
  • Fetching URL information is now isolated from the web server process to reduce the impact of errors during fetch operations.
  • Improved efficiency of duplicate detection within Content Auditor.
  • search.json and suggest.json now return CORS headers to allow cross-origin requests.
  • Modern UI hook scripts now include $SEARCH_HOME/lib/java/groovy and the collection's @groovy directories on their class path when they are run, allowing for common functions to be stored there and reused.
  • Funnelback now includes a JSON Schema definition of the search.json output to allow for schema comparison between versions.
  • Upgraded filtering libraries, providing fixes for a number of PDF extraction problems and many other filtering issues.
  • Improved logging context and consistency of configuration.
  • Fixed handling of long metadata classes used for security when merging indexes.
  • Fixed handling of long metadata classes beginning with 'd' and 't'.
  • Fixed handling of long metadata classes when using search session features.
  • More robust handling of query/click logs when building search analytics.
  • Improved configuration of matrix connection when using document level security.
  • Improved management of temporary/working files when running Funnelback services.
  • License limit information is now available within the (modern) admin UI.
  • Reduced memory usage of some social media gathering operations.
  • Avoid double-wrapping of jsonp search results which occurred in some configurations.
  • Fixed colfield indexer option operation on push collections.
  • Improved push collection debugging and recovery features.
  • Improved a number of cases where invalid HTML was made worse during filtering/accessibility checking.
  • Updated to match new Funnelback logos and branding.
  • Removed constraint on meta collection components requiring matching ordering in metamap.cfg and xml.cfg.
  • Updated Freemarker templating library to 2.3.23.

15.0.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • Some features from Funnelback's Classic Admin UI have been removed where they overlap with the Administration Interface (originally called Modern Admin UI). Services will need to be manually created for relevant collections to allow these features to be used.
  • Funnelback's Classic search UI is no longer included with the standard Funnelback install. Where required, a separate install package is available to provide Classic Search UI compatibility under Jetty, however Classic Search UI under IIS is no longer supported.
    • As a result of the removal of Classic Search UI, certain static resources used by some Modern UI templates have moved from /search to /s/resources-global. Most references will be automatically fixed during installation, but manual fixes may be required in some cases.
    • Templates referring to search/help/simple_search will need to be updated, as this generic documentation for classic UI is no longer included. Relevant help content could be added to a collection's web resources folder instead.
  • Administration Interface best bets are implemented using curator rules rather than the historical mechanism. Existing search templates may need to be updated to ensure the resulting adverts are styled as desired.
  • The format of synonyms.cfg files has changed to include some additional id and edit-time properties. Files using the old format will still be read, however only the new format will be written.
  • Funnelback administration no longer supports Internet Explorer version 9 or below - Please ensure all administrators have up-to-date IE versions prior to upgrading.
  • TRIMPush collections: The name of the user defined fields has changed from udfX (where X was the field number) to the actual name of the field, e.g. Cost, Category, etc. If you are using user defined fields you will need to update your metadata mappings to account for this change. See properties and user fields to obtain the new name of the user fields.
  • Late binding security check scripts invoked during query processing are no longer provided. Implementing early or late binding checks in native code triggered using the secPlugin query processor option is the recommended replacement.
  • The form Modern UI URL parameter cannot be passed blank anymore. It can still be omitted entirely (resulting in the default simple form being used) but passing it blank (i.e. http://server/s/search?collection=c&form=) will result in an 400 Bad Request HTTP response.
  • The Admin API authentication scheme has changed from HTTP Basic to a token based system. Client applications needs to be updated.
  • As Funnelback now supports a per item publication model, all curator rules will be enabled on upgrade. Any rules you do not wish to be enabled should be unpublished removing them from the live search.
  • Jetty web server context directories have been renamed from $SEARCH_HOME/web/conf/contexts-https and $SEARCH_HOME/web/conf/contexts-http to $SEARCH_HOME/web/conf/contexts-admin and $SEARCH_HOME/web/conf/contexts-public
  • Form Interaction: values are now expected to be URL-encoded in form_interaction.cfg, to allow for characters like '&' to be part of passwords. An entry like username=admin&password=&min should be written as username=admin&password=%26min instead.
  • sec.content.optimiser has been renamed to sec.seo-auditor.
  • The search help pages at /search/help/simple_search and /search/help/query_language_help are not available anymore. Form files that point to them should be updated to remove the links.
  • Any analytics database initially created in Funnelback version 9 must be updated from scratch - See Analytics troubleshooting for instructions.
  • The following features have been removed - Funnelback Shell, Store Service (superseded by push collection API), File Transfer (superseded by multi-server WebDAV support), EAS (superseded by nte new Administration Interface), Late binding security (superseded by early binding security, which can support plugable late binding checks).
  • SEO Auditor is now available only as part of the Administration Interface, and can no longer be configured for public access.
  • Gathering of TRIM v6 sources is no longer supported (superseded by v7 and v8 support).
  • The authentication mechanisms for the Admin API have been changed to require a login call rather than HTTP Basic headers. See API UI for information on handling the new authentication scheme.

Funnelback 14.2.3

Released : 30th May 2015

14.2.3 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Addresses an issue when using @groovy collection directories where the collection's root data directory would be deleted during updates.
  • Fixed an issue where fully matching result counts could be calculated incorrectly when using result collapsing and scoping operators.
  • Fixed an issue where Push might create a errant Vacuum task while it is stopping which could run while the collection claimed to be stopped.
  • The service startup workaround described in the 14.2.2 errata has now become the default. Some more detail is available at

Funnelback 14.2.2

Released : 29th April 2015

14.2.2 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Added support for configuring the Jetty webserver keystore via global.cfg.
  • Provided additional documentation and examples for Configuring Funnelback's embedded web server.
  • Improved performance for Push collection operations.
  • Improved error case handling for missing faceted navigation files in configuration upgrades.
  • Added additional troubleshooting options for Push collections.
  • Fixed redirect bug in content auditor which could create a loop if deployed by a load balancer with a different port configuration.
  • Fixed redirect bug in SEO Auditor which was preventing use of queries with some operators.
  • Reduced unnecessary/repetitive warnings in indexer logs.
  • Fixed problem which disallowed access to Content Auditor when the jetty port and actual port differed.
  • Fixed handling of external metadata files with values containing a colon character.
  • Fixed filtering of binary document types such as PDFs and Word documents in Push collections.
  • Fixed handling of regular expression characters in reports for facet categories.
  • Fixed a Memory leak in Push when using custom filters.

14.2.2 - Upgrade Issues

  • Although the index format is unchanged in 14.2.2, earlier versions of Funnelback will not operate correctly with indexes generated by 14.2.2. This would not affect a normal upgrade process, but may be relevant in a half-upgraded multi-server setup or an upgrade rollback scenario.

14.2.2 - Errata

  • Some reports of Funnelback services failing to start correctly in some environments have been received. Applying the workaround described at to service files in INSTALL_DIRECTORY/services/ appears to resolve the issue in some cases, and this change is being evaluated as a future product default. Please also note that this issue appears to occur more commonly where the Scientific Linux operating system is used. Switching to one of Funnelback's officially supported operating systems may also resolve the issue.

Funnelback 14.2.1

Released : 23rd March 2015

14.2.1 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed a problem in the collection update script when processing faceted_navigation.cfg.
  • Fixed a problem which caused some collections on Windows to remain in an updating state after the completion of an update.
  • Restored Jetty webserver rewrite rule support.

Funnelback 14.2.0

Released : 13th March 2015

14.2.0 - New features

14.2.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Push collections are now able to provide parent meta collections with spelling and query suggestions.
  • Introduced a setting to control storage of URLs which have no content after filtering.
  • Version upgrades of a number of components, including the Java runtime (now version 8), the Groovy runtime (now 2.3), the Jetty web server (now 9.1).
  • Groovy Filters can now be placed under a @groovy/ folder under the collection configuration folder.
  • Access to the modern UI search interface via the admin web server port now requires authentication as it did prior to Funnelback version 12.
  • IP address restrictions are now consistently applied to all modern UI endpoints except log/redirect and search-session related endpoints.
  • Search session and history are now supported on non-web collections.

14.2.0 - Notable Internal Changes

  • The groovy binary has changed location from tools/groovy-1.8.6/bin/groovy[.bat] to tools/groovy/bin/groovy[.bat] along with being upgraded to 2.3.7.
  • The blat binary has changed location from wbin/blat-2.6.2/full/blat.exe to wbin/blat/full/blat.exe along with being upgraded to 3.2.3.
  • When in count_urls mode, padre will no longer count URL protocols as a separate component. This does not affect any existing facet types, however the change would be visible in the raw padre data model.
  • Instant update on Filecopy collections will require valid URIs when deleting.
  • The mechanism for starting the Funnelback Jetty web server has changed from XML configuration files to Java code, with a Groovy script customization mechanism available fro custom deployments. See Configuring Funnelback's embedded web server for details.

14.2.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • If upgrading from version 14 you must run a bash script, supplied by the installer when run, before the installation can be upgraded. See Installing_and_Upgrading.
  • The syntax for listing metadata classes has changed from a simple list of characters (e.g. xyz) to a comma separated list surrounded by square brackets (e.g. [x,y,z]) to support multi-character class names. Collection and profile configuration files are automatically updated during upgrade, however any external or custom configuration of such lists must be updated.
  • Funnelback now indexes metadata field boundaries by default (previously enabled only through the -ifb indexer option). A new -noifb option is available to disable this behavior if needed, however the change is not known or expected to affect any implementations.
  • crawler.store_empty_content_urls must now be set to true for any collection where URLs with empty content should be stored. This was never done prior to 13.2, and was always done in 13.2 and 14.0, but was not desirable in most cases, so a setting with a default of false has been introduced.
  • $CURRENT_VIEW in collection.cfg will now return live for instant update workflow and steps after swapping views, where as previously it returned offline. Any existing workflow steps may need updating to account for this.
  • Image scaling will now return .png images by default, instead of returning the type of the input image. When a different format is desired, this must be specified using the format cgi parameter. See Presenting Images for further details.
  • Connector collections, which relied on a third party framework which is no longer available, are no longer supported. Such collections should be removed before upgrading to 14.2.0 or later versions.
  • Push collections created prior to version 14.0.0 (also known as Continuous Updating collections) are no longer supported. Such collections should be upgraded to the new Push system or removed before upgrading to 14.2.0 or later versions. Contact Funnelback for assistance in migrating any existing collections of this type to the new push collection system.
  • Filecopy now stores properly encoded URLs (e.g. spaces encoded to %20, etc.). That will result in a re-crawl of all the documents with filenames (or containing folders) that needs encoding, causing the first crawl after the upgrade to take than usual as those documents will be re-filtered rather than being copied from the previous crawl.
  • Funnelback now internally uses a view URL parameter within the modern and classic UI systems. Implementations should avoid setting any value for this parameter.

Funnelback 14.0.1

Released : 7th October 2014

14.0.1 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Introduced better pagination for the WCAG Compliance Auditor URL listing pages.
  • Addressed a security vulnerability in a defunct Classic UI CGI script (remotepadre.cgi).
  • Addressed security vulnerabilities in Classic UI scripts cache.cgi, feedback.tcgi and showThumbnails.cgi
  • Removed tagging system from Classic UI due to several security vulnerabilities within it.
  • Restored IE8 support for time based charts within the WCAG Compliance Auditor.
  • Upgraded the bundled version of Apache ManifoldCF to the current version, 1.7.1.

14.0.1 - Upgrade Issues

  • Classic UI no longer supports the tagging feature which existed in earlier versions.

Funnelback 14.0.0

Released : 10th September 2014

14.0.0 - New Features

  • Data API providing access to reporting and wcag information in a structured (JSON) form.
  • New curator ruleset editing interface
  • New curator trigger based on predictive segmentation features and query term addition action
  • Push collections have been reimplemented to be more stable and scalable.
  • Graphical redesigns of WCAG reporting and Content Optimiser.
  • When files kill_exact.cfg, kill_partial.cfg and gscopes.cfg exist, they will be automatically applied to the collection when the collection is indexed. Push collections will only apply gscopes.cfg.
  • Predictive Segmentation feature for providing market segmentation information for website visitors.

14.0.0 - Selected improvements and bug fixes

  • Added support for custom query completions (query_completion.csv) in profiles.
  • Added support for Windows Server 2012 R2.
  • Redeveloped warc file library providing a simpler interface.
  • Padre indexing now automatically ignores MapDB database files.
  • Contextual navigation is now enabled for new collections by default.
  • Indexes may now be upgraded on installations which are in read only mode.
  • Various reliability improvements to the tuning system, including support for processing redirects.
  • Fixed sending of analytics emails on Linux installations where the schedule has been changed from the default.
  • New Java based indexer workflow.
    • Logs for each indexing stage are now separated, and named in the form Step-(stage name).log
    • Halting an update on Unix platforms will now terminate indexing processes rather than waiting for them to complete.
  • A copy of Funnelback's query completion script jquery.funnelback-completion.js is now created with Funnelback's version number (e.g. jquery.funnelback-completion-14.0.0.js) to allow result pages to continue using the old version after upgrades if desired.
  • New padre result modes for producing config files for setting 'killed' document flags and query independent evidence.
  • API compatibility and rate limiting improvements to a number of the social media gathering libraries.
  • Improved scripting support for WCA database upgrade tool.
  • Fixed handling of query processor option upgrades when the options contained pipe '|' symbols.
  • Fixed padre indexing collfield option when reindexing a collection's live view.
  • Fixed a problem in analytics PDF exporting when a query contained an ampersand.
  • Default configuration now suppresses any Java exception traces which would otherwise be displayed by the Jetty web server.
  • Improved image scaling quality of low colour bit depth images.
  • Added support for quick links in search result for pages with protocols other than http.
  • Query completion data for profiles is now compiled in parallel, significantly reducing update time for collections with many profiles
  • Incompatible component indexes in a meta collection will be skipped by the query processor, setting -exit_on_bad_component=1 will cause the query processor to revert to the previous behaviour.

14.0.0 - Upgrade Issues

  • Some previous versions of Funnelback on Windows fail to uninstall ActivePerl correctly during upgrades. Version 14's installer will provide a warning if this causes a problem for the upgraded installation. If this warning occurs you must manually uninstall ActivePerl from the system before reinstalling Funnelback.
  • The Curator Groovy Trigger and Action interfaces have been moved from the package com.funnelback.publicui.curator.action to Any custom implementations of these interfaces must be updated to reflect this change.
  • Curator's DisplayProperties action now takes an 'additionalProperties' parameter rather than calling it 'properties' (for consistency with other actions). Existing curator.yaml file using DisplayProperties must be updated.
  • Curator's CountryNameTrigger previously took an argument of 'targetCounties' - The spelling has been corrected to 'targetCountries'. Existing curator.yaml file using CountryNameTrigger must be updated.
  • Support for Novell fileshare document level security has been removed.
  • The default cache URL has been changed from /search/cache.cgi to /s/cache (classic UI to modern). For collections requiring the old cache URL, this may be set in the collection's collection.cfg under ui_cache_link.
  • On TRIMPush collections the record types and classification security files are now stored inside live/databases rather than live/idx. The query processor security plugin has been updated to account for that change.
  • Funnelback's Jetty web server now logs to log/jetty.log.# instead of including its log in the wrapper process's log/jetty-wrapper.log.#
  • A unset value for query_processor_options in conf//collection.cfg ie "query_processor_options=" will no longer be overridden by the the default value, instead it will be treated as supplying no options to the query processors.
  • All standard Funnelback security plugins now prefix keys with [collection_name]; to allow keys to be sent only to the relevant sub-collections when a meta collection is used. Any custom security plugins must be updated to perform the same prefixing.
  • ManifoldCF may experience an SQLException when loading databases from earlier versions in some cases. Removing the $SEARCH_HOME/databases/manifoldcf/dbname will cause a new database to be created to resolve this issue, however ManifoldCF must then be reconfigured. Manually upgrading the version of ManifoldCF should solve the problem without data loss once a fixed version is available.
  • A number of classes in the Funnelback common package have been organized into new package structures. Where these have been used in external scripts, these scripts must be updated.
  • Funnelback now uses the modern UI's /s/redirect click tracking system by default instead of the classic UI's /search/click.cgi.

14.0.0 - Errata

  • Funnelback 14.0.0 does not fully support Internet Explorer version 8 within the WCA reporting interface. This presentation issue will be addressed in a future release.
  • Funnelback 14.0.0 does not fully support producing content optimiser information for push collections. This issue will be addressed in a future release.
  • Push 2 in Funnelback 14.0.0 has a bug where anchor text is not correctly applied.

For older, no longer supported, versions please see the Historical Release Notes page.