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Network ports used by Funnelback

The following port lists are provided to assist in the configuration of firewall systems. Funnleback can be configured to use ports other than those listed here, so the information must be used alongside an understanding of how Funnelback is installed and configured.

Ports on which Funnelback provides services

These ports are usually configurable in global.cfg.

80HTTPJetty - Funnelback Public UI
443HTTPSJetty - Funnelback Public UI (secure)
8076WebDAVFunnelback multi-server communications
8443HTTPSJetty - Funnelback Admin UI
8445HTTPDocument filtering service
6379redisRedis in-memory key-value store
7474neo4jNeo4j - Funnelback Knowledge Graph
7687neo4jNeo4j - Funnelback Knowledge Graph

Ports on which Funnelback commonly connects when accessing repositories

25SMTPUsed for sending of admin emails
80HTTPUsed for website crawling
389LDAPUsed for directory collections
443HTTPSUsed for secure website crawling
1137TRIMUsed for connection to TRIM
1433JDBCUsed to connect to MSSQL DBMS
1521JDBCUsed to connect to Oracle DBMS
3306JDBCUsed to connect to MySQL DBMS
5432JDBCUsed to connect to PostgreSQL DBMS
8080HTTPUsed for website crawling

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