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Pattern used to identify 'query' parameters for curator to trigger on.

Type: String

Can be set in: profile.cfg, collection.cfg


This setting controls which URL parameters basic curator triggers will trigger against, by setting a regular expression which matches the desired parameters.

The following triggers are affected by this setting:

  • AllQueryWordsTrigger
  • ExactQueryTrigger
  • QueryRegularExpressionTrigger
  • QuerySubstringTrigger

Where multiple parameters are matched, the parameter names will be sorted (according to Java's string sorting rules), and their values will be joined (separated by spaces) into a single against which the trigger will be tested.

Default value


This default setting causes curator to trigger only on the value of the query parameter.


To match any parameter ending with query, use the following:


To match all parameters in the URL, use the following:


In the second case, note that this will include parameters such as collection and profile, and that, as noted above, the value for each matched parameter will be combined into a single string for the trigger to match against. For example:

 /s/search?collection=c&special=s&profile=p&query=q => c p q s
 (note the reordering based on the parameter name sort order)

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