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Built-in filters: ExternalFilterProvider


This filter converts specific binary file formats to text using an external program or command as defined in textify.cfg.

Enabling and disabling

External filtering is enabled by default. To enable on a custom filter chain add ExternalFilterProvider to the filter chain.

To disable external filtering remove ExternalFilterProvider from the filter chain.

Configuring external filter programs

textify.cfg is used to define external programs that run for specified file extensions.

Configure Funnelback to index additional supported file types

Some additional options may need to be set depending on the type of collection being indexed to ensure the desired file types are downloaded and indexed.

Collection typeCollection configuration optionDescription
webcrawler.reject_filesEnsure the file extension is not listed here
webcrawler.accept_filesIf used ensure the file extension is listed here
webcrawler.non_htmlEnsure the file extension is listed here
filecopyfilecopy.filetypesEnsure the file extension is listed here
trimpushtrim.extracted_file_typesEnsure the file extension is listed here

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