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Profile Options

profile.cfg is the main configuration file for a funnelback frontend.

The profile.cfg configuration file is created when a profile within a collection is created (though it is permitted to be empty or absent).


The locations of where these options can be read:

  • $SEARCH_HOME/conf/[collection]/[profile folder]/profile.cfg: This file is optional, options in this file have the highest precendence overriding values in all other files.
  • $SEARCH_HOME/conf/[collection]/collection.cfg: Options in this file provide defaults for all profiles within the collection.
  • $SEARCH_HOME/conf/collection.cfg: Options in this file provide defaults for all profiles in all collections.
  • $SEARCH_HOME/conf/collection.cfg.default: Options in this file are read only, this provides the product default values.


The format of the file is a simple name=value pair per line, with the values $SEARCH_HOME and $COLLECTION_NAME automatically expanded to the funnelback installation path and the name of the current collection automatically.

Configuration options

The following tables contain descriptions of the options that are used in the configuration file. All values which can be set within profile.cfg can also be set in the containing collection.cfg, and default values are inherited from the collection's defaults

access_alternateProvides an alternate collection to query if access is denied due to the access_restriction setting.
access_restrictionAllows restricting search interface access to certain IPs/hosts.
access_restriction.ignored_ip_rangesConfigures any ranges which should be considered 'internal' and hence ignored in X-Forwarded-For processing.
access_restriction.prefer_x_forwarded_forConfigures whether the content of an X-Forwarded-For header is preferred to the apparent remote address.
auto-completionEnable or disable auto completion.
auto-completion.alphaAdjust balance between relevancy and length for auto completion suggestions.
auto-completion.formatSet the display format of the suggestions in the search results page.
auto-completion.lengthMinimum length of query term before triggering auto completion.
auto-completion.programProgram to use for auto completion. on search based auto completion. to use for search based auto completion.
auto-completion.showMaximum number of auto completion to show.
auto-completion.sortSets the auto completion suggestions sort order.
auto-completion.sourceSets the source of the data for auto completion suggestions.
auto-completion.source.extraSets extra sources of data for auto completion suggestions.
auto-completion.standard.enabledEnables the standard auto completion feature.
click_trackingEnable click tracking
restrict_preview_to_authenticated_usersAllows restricting the preview search interface to authenticated users only.
ui.modern.accessibility-auditor.daat_limitSpecify how many results are examined in creating accessibility auditor reports
ui.modern.authenticationSpecify whether to enable or disable Windows authentication for the modern UI
ui.modern.cache.form.formName.content_typeSets custom content type header for a given cache form
ui.modern.cache.form.formName.headers.keySpecify custom headers for a cache form file.
ui.modern.cache.form.formName.remove-headersRemoves headers for a given cache form.
ui.modern.click_linkSet click URI
ui.modern.content-auditor.collapsing-signatureSpecify how results are determined to be duplicates within content auditor
ui.modern.content-auditor.daat_limitSpecify how many results are examined in creating content auditor reports
ui.modern.content-auditor.display-metadata.metadataNameSpecify which metadata classes should be displayed within the content auditor's search results tab.
ui.modern.content-auditor.facet-metadata.metadataspecify which metadata classes should be displayed as facets
ui.modern.content-auditor.max-metadata-facet-categoriesSpecify how many categories are displayed within each facet shown in content auditor.
ui.modern.content-auditor.num_ranksSpecify how many results are displayed in the content auditor search results tab
ui.modern.content-auditor.overview-category-countSpecify how many facet categories are displayed for each facet
ui.modern.content-auditor.template-directorySpecify the path to a directory containing the content auditor freemarker templates
ui.modern.cors.allow_originSpecify the value of CORS Access-Control-Allow-Origin response header sent by the modern UI
ui.modern.curator.query-parameter-patternPattern used to identify 'query' parameters for curator to trigger on.
ui.modern.external_num_ranks_limitLimit the maximum number of results that can be requested in a single search request
ui.modern.extra_search_cpu_count_percentageLimit the percentage of processors extra searches can use per search.
ui.modern.extra_search_total_timeout_msHow much time (in milliseconds) all extra searches are permitted to use before extra searches are terminated.
ui.modern.form.formName.content_typeSets custom content type header for a given form
ui.modern.form.formName.headers.keySpecify custom headers for a form file.
ui.modern.form.formName.remove-headersRemoves headers for a given form.
ui.modern.freemarker.display_errorsSpecify whether to display Freemarker errors in the browser or not.
ui.modern.freemarker.error_formatSpecifies in which format the Freemarker errors should be displayed in the browser
ui.modern.geolocation.enabledSpecify whether the search user's current location should be enabled on searches
ui.modern.geolocation.set_originSpecify whether the user's current location should automatically set as the search origin
ui.modern.i18nSpecify whether to enable or disable localisation support in the Modern UI
ui.modern.max_facet_extra_searchesThe maximum amount of extra searches that will be run for faceted navigation.
ui.modern.metadata-alias.aliasCreates a key for Metadata alias key
ui.modern.pseudonymise_client_ipsSpecify whether client IP addresses should be pseudonymised before processing.
ui.modern.related-document-fetch.relatedDocumentKeyConfigures fetching of documents related to the primary results.
ui.modern.related-document-fetch.relatedDocumentKey.depthConfigures repeating depth of fetching of documents related to the primary results.
ui.modern.remove-internal-extra-searchesControls if any internal extra searches should be removed or not.
ui.modern.serve.filecopy_linkSpecify the URL used to serve filecopy documents when a filecopy result is clicked on
ui.modern.serve.trim_link_prefixSpecify the prefix for the URL used to serve TRIM documents
ui.modern.sessionSpecify whether to enable the search sessions in the Modern UI.
ui.modern.session.search_history.metadataControls what metadata should be stored and returned by Search Sessions click history.
ui.modern.session.search_history.sizeSpecify the size of the search and click history stored for each user
ui.modern.session.search_history.suggestSpecify whether to display search history in the auto-completion suggestions
ui.modern.session.search_history.suggest.categorySpecify the name of the category which search history suggestions are displayed
ui.modern.session.search_history.suggest.display_templateSpecify the template for the search history suggestions
ui.modern.session.timeoutSpecify how long should Funnelback keep the session since the last visit of the search user.


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