Skip to content gathers documents from database collections. <collection config> [funnelback-dbgather.jar options]


  • The collection configuration file must be specified, and must be a filesystem path to an existing, readable and valid collection configuration file.
  • Other options (see below) will be passed directly to funnelback-dbgather.jar, and so will be identical to the options required there.

Function gathers documents from database collections, in the same way as runs a gather for a web collection. With a collection configuration argument, and no other arguments, will use database and collection specific settings from the collection configuration file to run an update over the database specified there. See database collections for more information.

Optional arguments are described below.

-helpDisplays a help message
-fullForces full gathering
-incrementalForces incremental gathering
-display <RECORD KEY>Display the specified record
-test_connectionTests the JDBC connection specified in the collection config
-test_sqlTests the SQL command specified in the collection config

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