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Using IIS Authentication on Search Pages - IIS6


This page is a quick guide to setting up the IIS6 webserver to use authentication over your Funnelback search. Protecting the search interface with an authentication method is an important step in setting up document level security for a given collection. To do this:

  • Start the Microsoft Management Console with the IIS snap-in. (Go to Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Internet Information Services or Computer Management)


  • In the tree on the left hand side, select the virtual directory representing your search interface. (For example: Internet Information Services-><YOUR_MACHINE>->Web Sites->Default Web Site->search)


  • Open the properties page for this directory, select the Directory Security tab, and press the 'Edit...' button inside the Authentication and Access Control Box.
  • Make sure that the "Enable Anonymous Access" checkbox is cleared, and that either the "Basic HTTP Authentication" or "Integrated Windows Authentication" (For Kerberos) check box is checked. Please note that for integrated authentication, this setting must also be applied to the website (i.e. Default Web Site) to take effect.


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